Welcome to Mindful Nomad Hacks - Our Mission Statement

How to be a Mindful Digital Nomad

As digital nomads, we’re fulfilling our personal dreams for a lifestyle of travel, adventure and fulfillment. We are constantly looking for the next location, heading off to the next grand adventure, reaching for the next remote business opportunity, and striving for the next way to grow and improve.

Mindful Nomad Hacks seeks to support digital nomads in attaining and sustaining this amazing lifestyle - in a way that benefits everyone and everything involved. This includes our five categories:

  • Body - Stay healthy and fit while on the road

  • Mind - Remain mindful and positive as a digital nomad far from home

  • Business - Further your productivity and set attainable goals for your remote work

  • Earth - Reduce your carbon footprint and tread lightly on this planet

  • Travel - Tipps, tricks and hacks to make constant travel easier and sustainable

Mindful Nomad Hacks will fill these categories with articles, product and project reviews, as well as actionable guides on how to be a mindful, healthy traveler and remote worker who strives for a sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s treat ourselves, our colleagues and comrades, our business and travel partners, our new and old friends, and especially our Earth on which we tread, with respect, kindness and wonder.

And we can start right now. Mindful Nomad Hacks has collected 16 simple tips, tricks and travel hacks in an ebooklet on how to travel more mindfully by reducing waste and your carbon footprint. Sign up for the Mindful Nomad Hacks Newsletter and receive the free PDF right now.