5 Types of Mindfulness for Digital Nomads


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Such an unassuming word. On the surface, it seems very straightforward. It makes you think of being attentive or maybe cautious. But if you dig down, you’ll find no end of depth to it and a myriad of different meanings and applications.

If you’ve heard the term before, you may know that mindfulness in its most-used sense is a lot about personal and spiritual well-being. And that’s definitely a big part of it, but I believe that if you live with a mindful mindset, it’s not just about your inner self, your ego or, well, you. It’s also about the people around you, the people you’re connected to, the people you interact with. It’s about anything and everything you interact with, really. Whatever you say, do or eat, however you act and behave - or don’t - has an effect on your surroundings and often involves consequences reaching farther than you may realize.

Too often we go by the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. We tend to not dwell on things that don’t immediately affect us, without much care of how they might affect others or even us somewhere down the road. Some may argue this to be a way of “living in the moment”. But it’s not a mindful in-the-moment mindset.

Living in the moment doesn’t imply that we should ignore the effects and consequences our current actions have on our surroundings. It doesn’t mean do whatever the heck you feel like doing and fuck everything else. Quite the opposite: mindfully living in the moment means being aware of our here and now and of our place and role as part of the whole picture.


Every action can make a difference, no matter how small. It’s the idea of the butterfly effect: how the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane. Every little makes a difference, in every aspect of our lives. Why not strive to make a good difference while we’re at it?

Which is why we’ll be talking about all types of mindfulness here at Mindful Nomad Hacks, because it can be applied in all aspects of our lives - even for people as adventurous and “unsettled” as we digital nomads.

This includes the five types of mindfulness that we write about on this blog:

  1. Body - Staying healthy and fit while on the road.

  2. Mind - Remaining content and positive as a digital nomad far from home.

  3. Business - Furthering productivity and setting attainable goals for our remote business.

  4. Earth - Reducing our carbon footprint and treading lightly on this planet while ‘traipsing’ around it.

  5. Travel - Tips, tricks and hacks to make constant travel easier and sustainable.

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So now I’d love to hear from you! How do you practice mindfulness while digital-nomading it up? How do you develop your mindful personal growth or reduce your carbon footprint on the road? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share with the group? Leave them in the comments for everyone to read.

Thanks and cheers,

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Let’s tread lightly upon this Earth, free of possessiveness.

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