Mindful Nomad Hacks is moving


This blog is moving. Don’t worry, not far - just over to Mindful Nomads Retreat.

Mindful Nomads Retreat was founded by Robbie and his team who also run the Digital Nomads Forum on Facebook. Mindful Nomads Retreat offer hands-on learning experience for beginner and aspiring digital nomads in the form of retreats, online courses and even an academy - so check them out if you think the digital nomad lifestyle might be for you but don’t know how to go about it.

Robbie contacted me just a few weeks after I started this blog. He loved the concept and suggested we could work together. After some back and forth, brainstorming ideas, we decided to merge Mindful Nomad Hacks with the Mindful Nomads Retreat site.

Basically, I’ll be writing and tending the Mindful Nomads Retreat blog, still writing about all the topics important to me for Mindful Nomad Hacks: being or becoming mindful digital nomads.

So from now on, please head to the Mindful Nomads Retreat blog to read more about my mindful nomad hacks. ;-)

My first “new” post is up there, now - it’s all about staying motivated as a digital nomad, when you feel stuck at Procrastination Station.

Thank you for reading my posts here at Mindful Nomad Hacks and feel invited to keep reading over at Mindful Nomads Retreat.

Cheers, Pia